Friday, November 14, 2008

One Cold Week.
This week I bought Ainsley a coat. She was confused and did not like the fluffy thickness that surrounded her small body.
Caleb and Ainsley have been getting a long a little bit better this week. I constantly heard
"Come here, Ainsley"
"Hold this, Ainsley"
"Play with me Ainsley"
"Mom, Why doesn't Ainsley want to play with me?"
They would travel from room to room quietly destroying it. I could follow them the cycle went.
On Saturday October 8th Ainsley started to walk. Really walk. It is has been fun and funny to watch all week. The excitement that Aubrey and Caleb show towards Ainsley's new accomplishment is Exciting/Loving to watch.
Now that Ainsley has mastered walking and the "pig coin" toy she has moved onto Peek a Boo. She always gets a bib out of the kitchen drawer and hands it to me when she is hungry and she always knows when it is time to put the clothes in the dryer. I can not do a load of laundry without her "help". Last week she cut all 4 big teeth (I think they were 2 year molars) and didn't even cry.
Although she has growing and doing new things every once in a while she just wants to be a baby.

Fun things for the week:
1. I finished the second coat of paint in the family room.
2. Andy took Aubrey/Caleb to Aubrey's school pizza party! I can not wait until Caleb gets to go to pre-school next year. OH HAPPY DAY!!! Do you remember those old KMART commercials that used to play right before school started....the one with the dad shopping for school supplies and singing "I AM SO HAPPY"? That will be me!!!
3. Ainsley says HI now!!!
4. Sunday Aubrey was in her very first Primary Program she had a small part but she did wonderful!
5. Aubrey loves the ABC song. The only probably is when she wants me to sing with her. I do not know the version she was taught in school. How many versions are there?


Sunshine and Snoug said...

It's so funny to see her walking! What a beautiful little girl! Her coat is really cute, and Caleb looks like such a good big brother!

Mitch and Jenny said...

Sometimes I still can't believe you ahve 3 children...I'm so behind!