Saturday, November 15, 2008


Saturday is a special day, it is the day we get ready for Sunday (and squeeze as many projects in as possible). Raking the leaves ended up taking much much longer then we thought. We started at 11 and ended at 5:30. We had a lot of leaves (really a lot). We were only able to get Nate's yard and our side yard done...what a long cold day. We filled 20 big black bags, saw the first flutter of snow fall, and ended up with sunburned cheeks!! The kids had a blast!!! Now that Ainsley can walk Aubrey/Caleb just assume she is one of them. They show no mercy!!!Ainsley is such a good sister. She quietly (with a smile) let Aubrey/Caleb cover her with leaves over and over again.Caleb held that orange lollipop diligently. Mary Lou (our neighbor) gave it to him at 11am and he was still licking it at 1:00. Gross!
After raking the leaves we headed to Home Depot for blinds, lights, and a paint color for the fireplace trim. We had every intent on doing all those projects tonight but "tired" hit around 8:00 while we were leaving Walmart.

Something humbling...
Today we received Caleb's final hospital bill from last spring. The bill listed individual items/procedures. What an ordeal....awful. I am so grateful for my children and our little family. Often I feel overwhelmed and I do not take time to step back and enjoy the simpleness of the day. Between all the craziness and cleaning life is simple....I love you Caleb!


Sunshine and Snoug said...

So cute that Ainsley is playing so much with them now! I'm so excited to see how she grows and her personality and everything! 5 hours! That's such a big job! I hope you don't have too many more saturdays like that!

Cheryl said...

How cute! I bet they had so much fun playing in the leaves and how Caleb is so tender with his baby sister is just adorable! You are such a good mommy Sara!