Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The week of Halloween was a lot of fun for our little family. We drove down to Clinton for the Trunk or Treat Carnival. I do not have pictures because I forgot to put the memory chip back in the camera. But the kids loved all the games, food, and candy. Caleb diligently did the Cake Walk for 10 minutes waiting for his number to be called!! The kids got to see Marlene (aka. Grandma Griner) and we filled up the car for $1.95 per gallon!!! It doesn't get any better than that!
The kids missed out on Andy's big work party and our Ward trunk or treat due to a virus/flu shot reaction that has plagued our house for the last 2 weeks. Aubrey missed 4 days of school and all 3 kids were sick with misc. fever, fever rashes, throwing up, and body aches/pains. Luckily Friday morning everyone woke up HAPPY and FEVER free. It was unbelievable!
So, Friday Aubrey had a Halloween party at school and then we went to Andy's work so his patients could see the kids all dressed up! The kids loved the attention and it helped kill time until the main event! While we waited for dad to get home we colored in special Halloween Coloring Books, read scary books, and made Halloween cookies. When dad got home it was finally time to start....
Painting Pumpkins was a lot of fun. Pumpkin carving was exciting for Caleb. Slime and Yuck! Aubrey did not like the Slime....
Waiting for it to get dark seemed like FOREVER to Caleb.
Trick or Treating was a lot of fun, October is over, now on to Thanksgiving.
Let the Holiday season begin!

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Laura said...

Their costumes are all so cute!! That is crazy that you filled gas for that cheap. We are at 2.51 at Costco and I was thrilled about that!!! I hope that it stays low for a while...I can dream.