Friday, November 28, 2008


Thanksgiving day was a lot of fun. Andy worked in the morning and in the late afternoon Andy's parents, Sister Ella -Matt-"Toddler"Jane came up to eat taco's, sugar cookies, and spend family time together!
The day before Thanksgiving was MAJOR laundry day. I usually do about 3 loads a day, since I have not folded the clothes all week they have accumulated into about 10 loads piled on top of my bed. During "nap" time Caleb/Ainsley wouldn't sleep. I let them out of their room and put a cartoon on for Caleb and tried to feed Ainsley. It was very quiet and after about 10 minutes of quietness I went looking for Caleb. After searching every room I opened my bedroom door (it has a taped child lock on the door handle)and there Caleb was. Andy's guitar case was open on the floor and Caleb was on the bed plucking away. My first thought was "Oh, no! Andy is going to be so mad!" but after looking around the room I was amazed. How did Caleb open/close my bedroom door without me hearing, How did Caleb know Andy's guitar was hidden under the bed?, How did he open the case?, and How did he get that guitar up on top of the bed (our bed is really high off the ground)? I ran and got the camera because I knew Andy would never believe me!
On Thanksgiving day Marlene brought up cookie dough so the kids could make sugar cookies! I thought it was going to be a big mess because of the sticky dough.....oh was the flour that Caleb loved and he made a big mess! He said, "Mom, I am making a big mess!"
Aubrey was as clean as could be.
Aubrey's aproach to decorating the cookies was equally clean.
Caleb's was not so much! The more sprinkles the merrier!!

We had such a fun day. It was nice to see Marlene, Paul, Matt, Ella, and Jane. We can not wait for our Thanksgiving celebrations on Saturday! We hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and have a fun Thankgiving weekend!!

Congrats to:
Ella and her little one on the way!!!
Seth for getting into Medical school!!!


Sunshine and Snoug said...

Holy Cow! Caleb is just a little monkey climbing everywhere, maybe you should put him in gymnastics! I love Aubrey's hair, it looked so beautiful curled and she's so sweet and clean! Her artistic side definitely comes out all over the place. All that Laundry looked horrible!!! Wow! And where is Ainsley, and you! I want to see some pics of you with the kids!

Clair said...

where does caleb come up with this stuff! He is so funny but must be exhausting. I love seeing the difference between Aubrey's approach to cookie making and Caleb's. Can't wait to see you guys today! Faith has been talking about this for weeks!