Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Since today is History....

Since today will be one for the books I thought it might be nice to document the day.
1. Ainsley walked 5 steps without holding onto anything at least 5 times!
2. Caleb or Aubrey... I am not exactly sure who...took a brown marker and colored on my newly painted stair rail. I ABOUT DIED!!!
3. I finally taught Caleb the correct response to "How are you doing?"
He always replies "I am Caleb" or "3".
Now if you ask "Caleb, How are you doing?"
He will reply "I am doing good!"
But you have to say his name with the question. Baby Steps!
4. Since Aubrey didn't have school today she helped me sort threw her old clothes. She found her brown boots from last winter and her pink tutu that she said still fits her (I will let you be the judge of that...scroll down).
I tired to tell Aubrey that her tutu and boots were too small but once she saw them and squeezed them on there was no going back!

* Also something historic...for the books!! ---I finally finished painting the front inside of the house....TADA (basically at the exact same time the President was announced)!! Andy finally said "I like the color" after a month of saying he didn't. Like it or not there is no going back. If ever I have to repaint we will just move. I hear Florida is AWESOME!!


Clair said...

Super good idea to document a day in the life. Yes, all clothes too small or otherwise not fit for wear must be hidden- really well!

Steffaney said...

I'm so glad you taught KK that phrase. Now it won't be so awkward on the phone. Aubrey is just like her Aunt Steffaney, always wanting to dress up and wear anything exciting...no matter what size it is. Now you have to put up pics of your house! I'm so excited for sydney---I mean Ainsley! Hah! She's such a beautiful little girl.

The Batemans said...

I love the tutu picture! Kids are so fun over stuff.

Brittany Hepworth said...

I laughed pretty hard at the tutu! I think your day was great!